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Terms and Conditions

The manufacturer guarantees Buyer’s hearing device(s) to be free from all defects of workmanship and materials for a period of 3 years from date of purchase and agrees to make all necessary repairs, and check-ups with promptness and without charge to Buyer during the guarantee period. A one year warranty is provided by Hearing Galaxy for servicing performed through Hearing Galaxy; remakes, however, are warranted for one year only.

Buyer has been advised that any examination or representations made by Seller in connection with the practice of dispensing, fitting, or dealing in hearing aids is not an examination, diagnosis, or
prescription by a person licensed to practice medicine in this state and, therefore, must not be regarded as a medical opinion or advice.

Buyer has been advised that the Buyer’s best interests would be served by consulting a licensed physician specializing in diseases of the ear, or any licensed physician, if any of the following conditions exists: visible congenital or traumatic deformity of the ear, history of or active drainage of the ear within the previous ninety days, history of sudden or rapidly progressive hearing loss, acute or chronic dizziness, unilateral hearing loss of sudden onset within the previous ninety days; audiometric air-bone gap equal to or greater than fifteen decibels at 500 Hertz (“Hz”), 1,000 Hz, and 2,000 Hz; visible evidence of cerumen (earwax) accumulation on, or a foreign body in, the ear canal; and pain or discomfort in the ear.

Buyer has been advised that Buyer’s best interest would be served by consulting and receiving a written prescription or recommendation from a licensed physician prior to dispensing, fitting, or dealing in a hearing aid that specifies Buyer is in fact in need of a hearing aid. Based on religious or personal beliefs, Buyer hereby waives such requirement.

Buyer has been advised that this sale is void and unenforceable if the hearing aid(s) being purchased is/are not delivered to Buyer within thirty days after the date the written contract is signed or the receipt is issued, whichever occurs later. Seller shall promptly refund all monies paid for the purchase of the hearing aid(s) if it/they is/are not delivered to Buyer within such thirty-day period.

Buyer has been advised that upon cancellation, Buyer is entitled to receive a full refund of any payment made for the hearing aid within 30 days of return of the hearing aid to Seller, except that, if the hearing aid is returned for any reason other than a defect in such hearing aid, the Seller may retain an itemized amount to cover the minimum costs of materials used by the Seller and a manufacturer’s return fee, but such amount may not be greater than five percent of the total charge for the hearing aid.

Buyer has been advised that consumer complaints which cannot be resolved with Seller may be filed initially with the Office of the District Attorney at:
(Boulder) -1777 Sixth St, Boulder, CO 80302 (303-441-3700)
(Denver) – 201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. #801, Denver, CO 80202 (720-913-9025)
(Colorado Springs) – 105 East Vermijo Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719-520-6000)
(Grand Junction) – 125 N Spruce St, 2nd Floor, Grand Junction, CO 81502 (970-244-1730)
(Littleton) – 7305 S. Potomac St., Suite 100, Centennial, CO 80112 (720-874-8500)
(Loveland/Ft Collins) – 201 La Porte Ave., #200, Fort Collins, CO 80521 (970-498-7200)
(Pueblo) – 201 West 8th St, Suite 801, Pueblo, CO 81003 (719-583-6030)
(Wheat Ridge) – 500 Jefferson Co. Pkwy., Golden, CO 80401 (303-271-6800).
or with the Office of the Attorney General, 1525 Sherman Street, 7th Floor, Denver, Colorado 80203, (303) 866-4500.
Complaints against Seller may also be filed with the Colorado Hearing Aid Providers Registration, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1545, Denver, Colorado 80202, (303) 894-2440.